Wedge it Closer….

Good news came today via e-mail….

Coming soon to my bag are 3 new Wilson Staff FG Tour TC (Traction Control) wedges in 52, 56, and 60* loft angles.  All 3 wedges will come with the traditional sole grind option and are satin finish.

The groove design is a significant improvement over the Harmonized wedges I am currently utilizing and will assist me in gaining additional spin on the ball to help stop the ball on the green. I’m getting to the point in my development where I am able to flight the ball onto the green where in the past I relied solely on playing short shots and letting the ball run out to the general vicinity of the pin in every pitching/chipping circumstance.

As with any new clubs I receive, once they arrive I’ll have them regripped with Golf Pride grips that fit my hands properly, have the loft and lie angles checked and adjusted if necessary, them it’s off to the practice range and green to dial them in before I hit the course.

A well designed and crafted wedge is a thing of beauty. I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

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Just back from Deerfield CC….a BEAUTIFUL course with a white tee rating of 70/127 and the longest course I’ve played thus far in my short golfing career. I am happy to report that I broke 100 again (for the 3rd straight week) with a hard earned 98.

My strengths were my play off the tee, my long irons, and my putting especially my lag putting. In the slightly above average play category was my bunker play, intermediate irons, and chipping. I lost strokes on my mid range pitch shots and short irons. Some shots were below average to poor but some were stellar if I may say so myself.  I struggled on Par 3’s with poorly struck tee shots that cost me 3-4 strokes alone.

Overall I am rather pleased with my progress. It feels great to break 100 and as I continue to eliminate mistakes, even if its one mistake per hole….my scores as well as my confidence will improve.

I played the Wilson Staff DUO ball today which played long off the tee, long in my approach shots and actually checked up nicely when struck properly with a wedge. The highlight of my day was a 175-180yd shot out of a fairway bunker with a 3H. It was my 1st fairway bunker shot ever and it was stuck clean which swelled my head just a little bit….lol !

Progress ever forward…..

The work and development continues

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Titleist Enters the Picture…..

I’ve been playing with soft compression balls from Wilson Staff since last season, primarily the 29 compression DUO and the 50 compression Elite 50. Both balls perform dt_solo_yellow_largewell for me and I am hesitant to change. That being said, change is a constant when it comes to bettering my scores and I’m in the process of testing another new (to me) golf ball.

Coming soon are 5 dozen Titleist DT Solo golf balls for testing. This 70 compression ball according to my advisors/coaches will allow me similar ball flight and distance characteristics as the DUO and Elite 50 with the added bonus of having a properly struck ball land on the green and “check up” versus the “land and run out” characteristics of my previous ball choices. Mind you the DT Solo will not give me back-spin like a Pro V1, Pro V1X, or FG Tour ball will but at this stage in my development I would be better suited to play a  ball that lands on the green and checks-up instead of landing and running out significantly from the landing zone. My wedge play has improved to the point where once the ball lands on the green, it needs to check-up or incur a slight run-out…not a run-out that takes the ball to the back of the green or off into the collar.

I’ll be testing these balls hopefully early next week and once I feel comfortable with them and they prove to be an improvement over what I am playing now I’ll put them into constant rotation.

Here’s to a successful test…..

Thank you Titleist !

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Pointed in the Right Direction….

This weeks mission…to work on my alignment both on the tee/fairway and the green.

I am incorporating a new element to my pre-shot routine where I properly aim the club face at my target line then set my stance accordingly. In the past, I would concern myself with setting my shoulder plane/upper body parallel to the target line then set the club face behind the ball in what looked like a proper alignment. I would often move the ball to the left of the fairway/green not because of anything detrimental in my swing but because I was not aligned properly to my target line. This new alignment routine will hopefully address my problem of not always being aligned properly.

I’ve been working on the new set-up by performing “dry runs” so I can get used to and begin to rely upon a consistent and repeatable pre-shot routine. I’ll be taking this new pre-shot alignment routine to the driving range and putting green several times this week to measure my results. I plan to adopt the same “club face first/stance second” alignment procedure every time I line up to hit a shot or make a putt.

I look forward to improving this aspect to my game as I believe it will allow me to hit more fairways, hit more greens, and of course sink more putts.

The work and development continues…..

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Taking Advantage….

Finally….SUCCESS !

I finally broke 100 for 18 on a course with a slope rating of 120 or higher. It’s been a long journey of 1 years time from my purchasing my set of clubs to my breaking through this performance barrier.

There were three keys to my achievement. 1st…my play off the tee. I was able to drive the ball well and for the most part place the ball where I needed to assure a successful follow-up shot to the green. I got off to a slow start but once I hit my stride, it was fun to shape the ball off the tee.

Secondly, my follow-up shots were accurate and solidly struck. I managed not to top a single follow-up shot to the green and in most circumstances my follow-up shot lead to a wedge shot onto the green. No question….a confidence builder.

My wedge play was “leaps and bounds” better than it’s even been especially my 56* and 60* wedges. I can’t tell you how good it feels to watch a perfectly hit wedge “float” up in the air and land within 5 ft. of the hole. My chipping efforts were fantastic as well and I managed to only short one chip with my 9 iron throughout the day.

I used a new putter this weekend, one of which I did not have a great deal of practice time with. My new Wilson Staff 8885 Mallet putter is an improvement over the 8881 blade style putter I’ve been using from a balance and feel perspective and as I continue to acclimate myself with it my putting efforts continue to improve witnessed by my sinking a 25 foot putt on the 18th hole for a birdie. Early in the round I came up inches short or lipped out 5 putts for par which would have lowered my score into the mid 90’s range. Once I get the feel for this new putter, good things will no doubt happen.

My biggest achievement on the day…..hitting or coming within 10-15 yards of the green on Par 3 holes. I’ve had problems hitting the ball off of a tee with irons and hybrids in the past and my working hard on the problem paid dividends in a BIG way !

I am no longer afraid to hit ANY club in my bag or play ANY shot. Both physically and mentally, I honestly feel I’ve turned a corner and entered a new phase in my development.

I needed a round like this….it was on the horizon ad I’m glad that I finally experienced it.

The work and development continues….

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Watch, Listen, Learn….

If I’m not playing golf, I’m practicing golf. If I’m not reading about golf, I’m watching dvd_single_croppedgolf and instructional videos/dvd are a bonus for someone like me who is a visual learner.

Coming soon to my mailbox are 2 dvd that not only peak my interests but were crafted from two instructors/players of which I admire and respect. Tom Watson’s Lessons of a Lifetime II and Butch Harmon’s About Golf.

I am a firm believer that helpful information can come from a variety of sources and having read many articles and viewed instructional videos from both Tom Watson and Butch Harmon, I’m looking forward to exploring the instructional materials from both Tom and Butch in-depth. I own and have experienced success with the instructional tips in Tom’s original 2 dvd set DVD_COVER_English-11Lessons of a  Lifetime and I have no doubt Butch Harmon can teach me an additional “thing or two” about how to play the game of golf to the best of my abilities.

Walking to the mailbox has never brought about so much anticipation…and opportunity for improvement.

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A New Fatso 5.0 and She’s Ready to Go !

My new Wilson Staff 8885 series mallet putter was equipped with a new Super Stroke Fatso 5.0 grip this afternoon. In addition, the putter head was checked for alignment (lie angle and loft) and the putter as it lay in my hands is true and square.

I’ll be working with it over the next 3 days and if all feels well I’ll be using it this weekend at Leroy CC on Sunday.

She’s ready to go !!!CKDvYyIWgAE_5VR

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