Goal Realized…

141007_001One of my most sought after goals was accomplished over the weekend when my handicap index took a dip from 36 to 28. I’ve long sought to have my index in the high to mid 20’s before the season came to an end on October 31st.

The next step in my development concerns itself with an aggressive off season training program designed to improve my swing and ball striking capabilities especially with my Driver and 5 Iron. Over the next 6 months I’ll be concentrating on improving my capabilities with all the clubs in my bag but an emphasis will be placed on creating a smoother more efficient swing rhythm and increasing my accuracy and shot shaping capabilities.

My training program starts this coming weekend. Time to layer the clothing and hit the driving range.

The work … and learning continues.  

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DUO’s in the Mailbox….

i-whiteA special THANK YOU to Wilson Staff for the 2 boxes of DUO balls that arrived in my mailbox on Saturday. Rest assured they will be put to good use.

These balls are an excellent complement to the ELITE 50 ball I’ve been playing the past couple of months. The DUO is a 40 compression ball vs. the 50 compression rating the ELITE 50 ball possesses and according to Wilson Staff the DUO should provide me an added level of accuracy and striking capability especially with my irons.

The new balls are white wherein I’ve been playing yellow colored balls as of late. I find locating the yellow ball a little bit easier under certain conditions but I look forward to giving the white colored ball another go-round.

I’ll be playing the new DUO’s this afternoon at Wild Wood Country Club under cool but beautiful sunny fall weather conditions.

Thanks again Wilson Staff !

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Lifted Spirits….

What a difference a day and a little sunshine makes ….

Yesterday was cold, damp, rainy, gloomy…

Today…a little warmer and lo and behold, the SUN is out !

Playing 18 holes this afternoon at Wild Wood Country Club, tee time is 1:40pm.

The season is closing fast, I hope to get a couple 9 hole games in on Tuesday and Wednesday weather permitting then the bulk of my activities will consist of time spent at the driving range until March 2015.

In the meantime, I’m looking to enjoy what time I have left on the course and hopefully improve my handicap index before the close date of 10/31. I’m still awaiting release on the 2015 NYSGA and RDGA tournament schedule so I can plan my tournament activity for the coming season.

It’s not over until it’s over….there’s still time for play !

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Honored to Have You…

I’ve noticed that over the past couple of months my blog has seen a marked increase in viewership from the great nations of Brazil and South Africa.

I wish to officially welcome the readers from both nations as well as all who have enjoyed my blog and I encourage you to e-mail me at cdisalvo@rochester.rr.com and when you do please introduce yourself, and share what you like and dislike about the blog.

You can also find me on Facebook, just search for Chuck DiSalvo and send me a friend request.

I’m honored you have taken the time to visit my blog. I truly hope you enjoy the time you spend here and I hope you come back often.

Welcome !

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Today was a Bonus….

2010-WilStafLogoLate October in Western New York isn’t known for decent weather but today was an exception to the rule. Mostly cloudy, temps in the mid to high 50’s and dry skies were the order of the day. It was a great morning to squeeze in 9 holes before heading off to work in the afternoon.

I’ve taken 6 days off from course play in an effort to heal up some rather sore knees and a tender lower back. I partook in two limited practice sessions in an effort to stay limber and not lose momentum but the need to “turn it down a notch” was unavoidable and when I hit the driving range prior to my tee time, the rust certainly showed.

It wasn’t long before the rhythm returned for the most part with my driver and I was striking my irons fairly well. As the day progressed, my rhythm with the driver improved and I played my irons well….close to my full potential especially when chipping on the green. Imagine my relief when I played my shots and they actually went where I had aimed them !

Wind was a factor, especially off the tee with several of my tee shots ending 4-6 feet to the right hand side of the fairway. I did manage to slice the ball twice on the day but solid follow-up shots helped me tremendously. Today was also the day where on par 3 holes I started using short irons off a tee versus the 3W I’ve been using previously. The switch was successful as I achieved the required accuracy and distance to either place the ball on the green in reasonable proximity to the pin or closest enough to the hole where a short chip would be required to set up a 2-5 foot putt.

Putting was again a tough thing due to the greens being pockmarked with little sand filled ventilation holes that effected the speed and break of the green. It’s an expected condition late in the season for this region and it’s just a condition that we have to deal with.

The end result of the days efforts was a 43 for 9 holes, tying my personal best score for 9 holes at my home club Southern Meadows.   Factoring in the windy conditions and the 6 day course play layoff and I’m rather pleased with my performance.

The remainder of the weekend and the beginning on next week will see warmer temps and dry skies which will provide me the opportunity to get in 2 possibly 3 more rounds of golf before my season ends on October 31st. The season is rapidly coming to a close and I’m doing everything I can to make the most out of what time I have left.

Today was a bonus. I hope there are a few more bonuses left before the door closes on my 2014 season.

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Wow !


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Introducing the New Wilson Staff D200 Driver…

wilson-staff-d200-driverSet for a January 2015 release, I’m looking forward to taking possession of the new Wilson Staff D200 adjustable driver.

Coming in at 1 gram lighter than their current D100 model, the new D200 is available in 9, 10.5, and 13 degrees of loft and is adjustable wherein you can lessen or strengthen the degree of loft by 1 degree. The user can also dial in draw bias due to an adjustable hosel.

The genius of the new Wilson Staff design is that through its lower center of gravity and overall design and adjustability features, high handicappers and those of us with lower swing speeds can not enjoy the adjustability in a driver that the low handicappers and high swing speed players currently enjoy and take advantage of. If for no other reason, the draw bias feature alone makes the driver worth its estimated $299.00 retail price.

I wasn’t looking for a new driver as I’ve become fairly competent with my current Wilson driver BUT the features of the D200 along with the benefits of its design are difficult factors to ignore…and it will be available just in time for my 49th birthday so….Happy Birthday to Me !

Coming soon to my bag….the new Wilson Staff D200 driver.

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