A Wealth of Information…

Here is a link to a fantastic website that has provided me with a wealth of information on gear, techniques, and tips regarding the game of golf.

It also helps that Wilson Golf provides the info…as that is my choice of equipment so please bear with me as I place my “biased” spin on the matter (LOL) !

Visit http://www.wilson.com/en-us/golf/gearup/ enjoy the content and partake in the conversation.

Gear Up with Wilson Golf !

The Missing Component…

The coach asks, “how many clubs are in your bag and what are they?”

I respond with my inventory list of which I am told, “you’re missing a lob wedge.”

I remedied that this afternoon. On its way is a Wilson Harmonized 60* lob wedge.

I have now been advised I have what I need to get started both learning and playing.

These constant deliveries from UPS, Fed-Ex and the USPS are fun and I’ll miss them when the finally slow to a trickle.


To Cover..or Not to Cover

305014_im_____0_gsiOk…it’s customary to cover your drivers, hybrids, and putter with a cover but do you cover your irons as well ?

Never mind the “clanking” sound they make when you walk or drive yourself around the course. I’m interested in protecting the irons from unnecessary and inadvertent nicks, scratches, and dents. Mind you…my clubs didn’t cost me four figures but they are MY clubs and if you knew me personally, you would know I suffer from “excessive compulsive” disorder when it comes to things I buy myself.

Mom says it’s a birth defect….I beg to differ.

I purchased a set of Z-Tech neoprene iron covers that use a zipper to secure the cover to the club. A bit of overkill…maybe but then again, I like to protect my purchase.

I’m certain I’ll get my fair share of good-natured ribbing….just as long as the clubs stay in good condition and need not have to suffer unnecessary and unwanted damage me and my “excessive compulsive” disorder will cope just fine.

Let the Instruction Begin…

My first formal instruction on swing mechanics takes place on Friday 7/25 at Southern Meadows Golf Club in Rush NY. I’ll be taking the course from PGA Professional Mike Clawson as I attempt to build a solid foundation in the basic skill sets required to create and develop my golf swing.

My clubs were delivered today as well as my golf shoes. A thorough inspection of my new clubs yielded no defects and obviously I can’t wait to learn how to use them…properly.

I am tremendously excited to get started.


Based on a recommendation, I purchased the hardcover book Total Golf to be read and studied as a precursor to my becoming immersed into the game.

It arrived yesterday afternoon and I managed to spend some quality time with it last evening and this afternoon. So far…the content has been extremely helpful and informative.

Now a bad resource for $5.04 plus $3.95 shipping from Half.com


A Shoe Decision….

2586073-p-4xA decision has been made on my first pair of golf shoes. I will most likely purchase a couple of different pairs to see what works best for me, alternating between a spikeless and spiked golf shoe.

The Adidas Adicross III spikeless shoe will be the first shoe I try out….

Reasonably priced at $64.99 a pair in size 13W … they’re worth a try in my estimation.