It’s Here !!!

Ghost Holster Glock G17 003Ghost Holster Glock. 001Look what showed up tonight…just in time for some dryfire practice and the USPSA club match this coming Sunday.

Here are some “straight from the box” photos of my new Ghost Stinger model holster for my Production Division Glock G17.

My 1st impressions….this is an AWESOME holster, it’s well-built, sturdy, and is infinitely adjustable to the shooters needs for a quick, secure, and efficient draw.

I can’t wait to test this holster….it looks like a winner ! Thank you to Ghost International and the IPSC Store for providing me this holster to test and evaluate. Loook for a full product review coming soon here on Target Talk.

Chuck D.

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Finally…My 1st Outdoor Match of the Season !

Sunday April 19th the weather in Rochester NY was FINALLY decent enough to shoot a USPSA match outside. While it was a beautiful sunny day, the temps were in the high 30′s and it was rather damp outside…both conditions playing havoc with keeping my hands warm enough to feel the trigger when I pulled it.

This was my third match of the season with all 3 matches seeing me participate in Limited 10 Division with my Glock G21. This package was originally set-up for IDPA CDP Division and is devoid of the usual “go fast” accessories that one would normally find on a USPSA specific pistol design….not even a magazine well or extended magazine basepads. In essence, a basic set-up with the sole exception of the addition of a Wilson Combat drop-in match barrel so I can shoot lead bullets.

Leading up to the match…all I had to fall back on practice wise was dryfire practice. The weather was (and to a certain degree sometimes still is) less than ideal and live fire practice isn’t possible unless you REALLY enjoy cold temps, rain, and of course snow. Regardless of the lack of live fire practice, I felt confident that my performance would not suffer…and it didn’t.

I shot a solid, well paced, and well thought out match. I moved well. saw the sights well. and although I fired the first “mike” of my 2014 season my performance overall was consistent with my abilities and I was extremely pleased with my performance as a whole. I chalk up the “mike” to not clarifying a correct sight picture on a 12 or so yard target on my first stage of the day. Although it wasn’t my desired result, I quickly put it out of my mind and carried on with my match plan.

The end result, 3rd overall in Limited 10 Division having shot 88% of the division winning score and I chalked up my 1st stage win of the season. Interestingly enough, this was my third 3rd place overall divisional finish of the season and I’m only 3 matches into my 2014 USPSA/IPSC season. I could look at this in two different ways. One, I’m stuck in a rut and I need to make changes to my match planning, preparation, and planning to break this cycle or I can adopt the “I’m on the right track” approach seeing that prior to the start of the 2014 season I’ve been absent from Limited/Limited 10 Division competition since 2004 and I’m using what equates to a “stock” pistol.

I’ve chosen to adopt the latter approach…I feel I’m on the right track but the need to work harder and smarter isn’t lost on me what-so-ever.

Next test…4/27 in Tonawanda NY. Indoors most likely but hey, that’s o.k. too.

Bring It !

Chuck D.

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The Ghost Stinger Holster….

stacks_image_99I received word this afternoon via telephone that I will be receiving a Ghost Stinger model holster for the Glock G17 pistol for testing from Ghost International.

I am honored and appreciative to receive this holster from Ghost International and after completing a thorough and fair review of the holster I will be publishing my results here on Target Talk.

Thank you Mr. Amadini and the staff at Ghost International for providing me with the Stinger model holster for a test and review session.

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Taking a Personal Inventory….

Have you ever asked yourself if you have what it takes to be the best at what you do ? Not an “almost there” and not an “also ran” but be the best or at least one of the best at doing what you enjoy most?

I’m at that point right now….

I’m a better than average shooter. I’ve always had the ability to pick up just about and handgun, rifle, or shotgun and shoot 85% of the match willing score on any given match day. I’ve set and reached my goals of top 20 divisional finishes in major tournaments, top 10 divisional finishes in mid-level tournaments and top 5 divisional finished at the club level. I’ve even won a few matches here and there but I’ve yet to crack the illusive top 5 divisional finish in a major nor have I achieved GM status. There is work to be done but first I have to determine whether I’m willing to put forth the effort or remain satisfied with being an “also ran.”

There are a ton of things supposedly holding me back….competitive equipment, time to dedicate to my training, financial considerations, time away from the family, and on and on and on. Some of these “things” are legitimate…some are nothing more than excuses. Step one is designing a plan of action and putting the excuses to rest once and for all.

This is where I’m at right now…the personal inventory stage. There some things I like and I consider strengths but there are many more that I do not like…and are in need of change.

Time to roll up my sleeves….

Chuck D.

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Cabela’s Extreme Performance Gear (EXP)…

I am honored to announce that for the 2014 shooting season (and beyond) I will be using the Extreme Performance Gear (EXP) brand performance footwear and clothing from Cabela’s. The 1st order was placed this morning consisting of performance footwear and socks with pants, shorts, and shirts soon to follow.

The design of the EXP brand is such that they will allow for significant comfort and durability that are demanded of aggressive activities such as practical shooting competition. I’ve been using Cabela’s brand footwear now for a little over two years and I expect the EXP brand products from Cabela’s will perform to the utmost standards.

Take a look at the EXP brand products here:

I’m certain you will be as impressed with them as I am.

Chuck D.

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A Letter from Black Rain Ordnance…


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Presents from Texas…

Comp-Tac_LogoM-Product-CompTac-InternationalI’m proud to announce that due to the generosity of Comp-Tac, I will be testing and evaluating the International model holster in USPSA/IPSC competition. Comp-Tac will be providing me the International model holster for the Glock large frame G20/21 platform pistol and I will be utilizing this model holster in the 2014 USPSA Eastern Lakes Sectional Championships, the 2014 USPSA Area 7 Championships. and the 2014 USPSA Firecracker Tournament.

I will have the holster in my possession within the next 10-14 days and its match debut with be at the April 27th USPSA club match in Tonawanda New York’s Western NY Practical Pistol League.

Look for a full write-up on the Comp-Tac International holster on Target Talk once testing and evaluation is completed.

Thank you Comp-Tac !

Chuck D.

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