Data Driven….

I’m back from my first lesson with PGA Professional Dan Colosi from Wild Wood CC in Rush NY.  At this very moment, I’m suffering (in a good way) from data overload. So much to absorb and so much to review mentally…

I’m a “techno geek” and I respond well to data driven solutions to problems I encounter. Having access to both the Trackman swing analysis system and video review capabilities will without question allow me to improve my ball striking capabilities. This technology takes 100% of the guesswork out of the learning process as 100% of your technique is available for review, in real time, and is an accurate depiction of your effort. Nothing is hidden, glossed over, forgotten, or lost in translation.  The only way the information obtained through the Trackman system can fail you is if you either ignore it or your instructor fails to communicate to you what it actually means and how best to correct it. With my new instructor, I am absolutely certain this condition will not arise.

Thus far, we’ve identified deficiencies in foot placement, width of stance, and weight shift throughout the swing. I have several items to work on before my next training session and I’ll be spending my time concentrating on those techniques.  An impact bag is on the way and this training tool will allow me to enhance my training sessions significantly. At this stage in the Instructor-Student relationship I am satisfied and comfortable with the level and quality of the instruction and I am confident in the “game plan” that is being developed to assist me in progressing to the next performance level.

It’s tough to curb my enthusiasm and I am energized at the possibilities.

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Next Up on the Literary Tee…

My next “read”…as I continue to develop the correct mental attitude and approach to The_Golfers_Mind_-_Dr__Bob_Rotellatournament golf.

Dr. Bob Rotella has provided me with the basic skills to improve my mental toughness and outlook. I look forward to this next body of work and the information it will provide.

Swing by day…read by night !

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Adding Additional Feel to my Wedges….

My project consisting of regripping my Driver, 3W, 3H, 4H, and my long irons with the Golf Pride CP2 Pro grips is complete. My putter has been regripped with a Super Stroke Fatso 5.0 grip as well. All that’s left to regrip are my wedges.

Wedge play as I have been taught is best described as a “feel” activity. Increasing my ability to “feel” the shot will be beneficial and that aspect has been taken into consideration when it came to choosing a grip for my cavity back wedges.

After considerable testing I’ve chosen the Golf Pride New Decade Multi-Compound Premium grip. This grip design allows me the same level of exceptional gripping force as the CP2 Pro grip I use on my other clubs with noticeable increase in “feel” that I can rely upon in situations where less than full swings are required to place the ball on the green where I want to.

At $12.99 per grip installed at Golf Galaxy…it’s money well spent.

To play well, you must have confidence in your equipment and your ability to score with it. Thanks to Wilson Golf, Golf Pride, and Golf Galaxy I have equipment that fits me properly and I can build upon my confidence foundation and improve my ability to score.

Test your theories, find what works for you…then make it happen. platinum

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The European Tour Kazakhstan Open…

More excellent golf from far away places…

Enjoy !

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As Things Continue to Develop….

A few of the little things I’ve been working on….

I’ve put together the funding to attend 14 amateur tour events in 2015. As things stand right now, I’m aiming towards 10-11 NYSGA events and 3-4 RDGA events. All I’m waiting on now is for RDGA to release their 2015 schedule  and I can finalize where I’m going and when.

My Wilson Staff Fybrid 3H club arrived yesterday. Once I get it regripped sometime next week my club selection for 2015 will be finalized and completed. I’ve decided to stick with my Wilson Profile cavity back wedges as they provide me a greater level of forgiveness on mistrikes then standard design wedges provide. At this point on my development, its smarter to maximize the equipment I have in my possession then switch to tour type irons at the proper time instead of rushing the development process.

I’m looking at obtaining a larger bag sometime after the new year. I carry tons of “stuff” with me and my current bag is maxed out space wise. Besides, I’ve had my eye on the new Wilson Staff Nexus Bag for a while now and it may just become my new acquisition.

After a brief delay (my new coach fell ill with strep) , swing lessons begin again on 12/18. I’m looking forward to an aggressive and focused off season training program so I can hit the ground running in March of the new year.

I completed Dr. Bob Rotella’s book Golf isn’t a Game of  Perfect and I’m on the prowl for another body o work from Dr. Rotella. His grasp of the mental aspect of the game is inspiring and for a new tournament player like myself mental toughness and confidence will be key elements of my game .

The work and planning continues….

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The Finale in El Gouna….

Enjoy the 2014 PGA Europro Tour season finale from Egypt…

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A Gem in the Lands of Eternal Sunshine…

If you look hard enough, you’ll find great golf throughout the globe.

I encourage you to experience the MENA Golf Tour through their website and by following along with the tour on YouTube.

Here is a link to the season ending MENA Golf Tour Championships. Great golf that is never devoid of an adequate supply of sunshine and beautiful scenery.

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