Off Season Required Reading…

Adding Dave Pelz “Golf without Fear” to my off season reading list. I am hoping it will assist me in controlling my nerves and cultivating a positive outlook on shots that require a calm and confident approach to execute well.

It should arrive mid week and once it arrives…it will be “study time.”


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Setting Off-Season Goals…

We’re having exceptional weather here in Upstate NY for November…why let it go to waste.

With the conditions being suitable for outdoor practice, I’ve put together an off-season practice plan and I’ve identified several areas in which I’m seeking significant improvement.

Area #1: Hitting more fairways. Problems I’ve experienced thus far in my development surround my inability to hit the ball in the center of the driver face with consistency. When I’m failing to hit the ball in or near the sweet spot, I get excessive amounts of side spin and the ball takes off well right of the fairway. Work in this area has begun and it’s shown promise but much more work needs to be done so to build confidence in my ability to hit more fairways. My scores will not drop without my having decent accuracy off the tee.

Area #2: The 60* wedge. I must learn how to hit this club. There were more than a few times where my proper use of the 60* wedge would have saved me strokes but my inability to hit this club hurt my scores significantly. I simply can not be afraid to use this club and once the season begins sometime in mid-April I want to be able to use the 60* wedge with confidence. No more hitting this club and either having the ball scream across the green or only move 2 feet forward.

Area #3: Green reading: My putting has to improve and for that to happen I have to learn to properly read the green. My putting speed and accuracy are more than acceptable but my inability to read the green has caused me to miss putts that I should have made. I’ve lost more than my share of birdie and par opportunities by either catching the outer edge of the cup or reading for break that simply wasn’t there.

I’m looking forward to 2016. I believe it will be the year that I lower my handicap further and break into the mid-80’s. If I can make improvements in the above 3 areas…I’ll be well on my way.

Time to get started….

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2015 Year in Review….

Much progress was made in 2015 but much work remains to be done….

Through test and development, the gear I play best with has been added to the bag. The only category still in development is my choice of driver but I will have that sorted out by the 1st of the new year.

I managed to lower my handicap from 41 to 19 which is a big improvement and I managed to enter in 4 RDGA Play-Day Tournaments and my Club Championship. Getting started in tournament play was the hard part, next up is improving my scores.

My short game and putting has greatly improved…so has my play with the Hybrid club and 5W. I have improved my accuracy with my long irons and I’m able to create some greenside “check and spin” which has reduced my putting distance significantly.

Where improvement has to be made is in the accuracy department with the Driver and 3W. I have to hit more fairways off the tee and hit more greens on Par 3’s. When this begins to occur with greater frequency….my scores will drop from the mid 90’s to high 80’s or below.

There’s work to be done…and I’ll be getting started early.

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DUO Spin Spins Alright…..

The DUO Spin ball was given a try-out this past weekend…it lasted 3 holes before it was taken out of service.

The ball has tremendous feel and its short game performance was exceptional. Distance was more than acceptable with the long irons and the hybrid. Where the ball failed me was with the driver.

I experienced excessive amounts of side spin off the driver that pushed the ball right of the fairway. I verified I was hitting the ball out of the center of the clubface and that I wasn’t “slicing” the ball. It was the weirdest thing I’ve experienced ….the ball took of straight as an arrow then at distance it began to turn hard right. When I finally took the ball out of play and replaced it with the Titleist NXT Tour S ball…the problem went away.

I’m chalking up the experience to confirmation that my search for the ideal ball for me to use is the Titleist offering.

I have 9 of the DUO Spin left over…if anyone is interested.

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DUO Spin….

Coming soon to my mailbox for testing…

The Wilson Staff DUO Spin 35 compression multi-layer cover ball.

Once they arrive testing will begin….weather permitting.

Thank You Wilson Staff ! Wilson-Staff-Duo-Spin-Golf-Balls-2015-Model_Default_550_large

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Healing Powers….

The blog and my golfing activities have been rather quiet lately so an update is needed.

I’m allowing my body to heal as I’ve suffered from nagging injuries to my right knee and wrist and as of this post both are at 85% on the pain-free scale. Plus…the weather hasn’t been very cooperative as we’re experiencing a cold and rather wet start to the fall season.

I’ve managed some light practice reps with the wedges but no full swings or course activity. I do hope to get out at least one more time this year with next weekend being the best prospect for semi-decent weather.

Healing up wasn’t an option…it was a necessity.


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All is Quiet on the Eastern Front….

After shooting a disappointing 108 in my final tournament of the season, the RDGA sponsored Play-Day Tournament at Penfield CC, I took a solid week off to allow some nagging injuries to heal.

I’m HAPPY to announce that I’m back in the swing of things and I was working with my wedges for roughly an hour this morning…and most importantly I am 98% pain free especially in my right wrist and knee.

My final tournament score for the season certainly was not an indicator of how I actually played. The course played “long” for me as I was unable to obtain my usual distances with my clubs and the pin positions on the greens were rather challenging and my 3 putting the majority of the holes became my downfall.

I’m hoping to get 2 more rounds in before the GHIN scoring deadline of 10/31 and then enjoy a 4 week break before I begin the indoor simulator work that will carry me through to the spring of the new year.

A new day….a new beginning.

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