24 Hours to Go…

Today I managed to get in a 9 hole practice round prior to tomorrows kick-off of the Southern Meadows GC Club Championships.  I managed to shoot a 41 for 9 holes with only a single double bogey on the card.

I feel rather decent about my game going into the weekend. I drove the ball well, executed a solid follow-up shot and putted well. My shortfall was my play with my wedges. I still struggle with feel, especially matching the length of my backswing as it equates to the distance and height in which the ball travels. I continue to struggle from 30 yards inward when the ball is in an awkward and/or “below the green” lie. I continue to work on this and I have no doubt I’ll improve this part of my game but it’s taking considerable time and effort to come to the realization that I have to commit to the shot, execute the shot, and accept the end result.

I look forward to this weekends test.

Lets do this thing…and do it well !

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Club Championship Weekend Approaches…

Shooting a 94 for 18 on Sunday at Livingston CC has me feeling fairly confident in my game going into club championship weekend.  My home club is hosting a 2 day 36 hole contest this coming Saturday and Sunday and it will be my 1st ever club championship event. My game plan is to play to the best of my abilities and enjoy the experience. Where I place in the event is an afterthought. Yes…I want to play well but I intend to take each shot as it comes and stay in the “here and now” and soak in the learning experience.

My short game and putting are decent. My accuracy off the tee with the driver and with my hybrid/5W “off the deck” are not as consistent as I’d like them to be so that’s where I’ll concentrate my efforts in the coming days. I plan on not ignoring any aspect of my game but the bulk of my efforts will revolve around the driver/woods/long iron play for the near future.

I look forward to the event and I’m working towards a solid two-day effort.

Lets do this thing !

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Back At It…

I’ve spent a fair amount of time this week getting used to my new Wilson Staff C100 irons and I’m at the point where I am comfortable with adding them to the bag. The next test for me and my new C100’s is tomorrow where I have a 12:12 tee time at Livingston CC.

I picked Livingston CC for this Sunday for a reason and that reason concerns course strategy. It’s a given to say that each and every course you play requires you the formulate a strategy and implement sound course management. This Sunday will be no different but in looking at this particular course, in my opinion, my course strategy will strongly dictate how well I play. There doesn’t seem to be too many “alternative” strategies available and if I deviate too far from my game plan my score will suffer greatly. This will be a solid test of my mental game as sometimes I “deviate” from my best options especially late into the round.

I’m looking forward to getting back on the course and testing my theories. The games greatest draw for me is the opportunity to test my abilities both physically and mentally and I’m looking to build on the progress I’ve made thus far this season in both categories.

It feels great to be back at it !

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C100’s….1st Impressions

My new Wilson Staff C100 irons arrived this week and after a quick trip to Golf Galaxy for the installation of new Golf Pride CP2 Pro grips it was off to the range today for some testing and evaluation.

The 1st think I noticed was the C100 series club weighs a little bit less than the Wilson Profile irons I’ve been using. The bounce profile of both model clubs are similar and the C100 shafts are approximately 1/2 inch shorter than the Profile shafts. The shafts on the C100 are a little bit stiffer as well which I thought might be a problem for me but in the long run it wasn’t.

The C100’s have a deep cavity to them which affects the feel and sound of the club when you strike the ball. To me, the C100’s have a dull “thud” sound when you strike the ball and the feel of the strike is solid which translates to if you hit the ball in the center of the clubface you know it and if you don’t, you REALLY know it. They have a completely different feel and sensation to them than any club I’ve struck this far and I believe it to be only a matter of time before I get the “feel” for these irons.

Distance wise, I’ve noticed little difference. With the short irons my distance gaps are virtually identical and with the longer irons if I hit the shot correctly, the distance gap between the 2 sets of clubs is minimal. I would have little reservation in using the distance gaps I’ve established with the Profile set when using the C100’s. As time passes and I gain experience with the C100’s I will re-distance gap the new irons so to reestablish a baseline but for now, the gaps I’m using are sufficient.

Quality of materials and craftsmanship in the C100 line is exceptional. Mind you these are NOT tour irons but because you purchase a set of “game improvement” irons you shouldn’t have to settle for poor quality. The entire set of C100 irons were loft and lie angle checked and no significant adjustments were needed. The fit and finish are exceptional and not a single physical or cosmetic deficiency was found. All in all a quality product.

My results from this afternoons abbreviated test session has provided me with enough positive feedback to place C100’s in my bag and put them immediately into service. I will work a bit with them tomorrow and Saturday and play my 1st competitive round of golf with them this coming Sunday at Livingston CC.

Confidence with your equipment is paramount to playing well. I am confident enough with my C100’s to place them in the bag and immediately put them into play. As time advances and my familiarity with the new irons increase, I have no doubt that my game will improve and my fondness for the C100’s will grow.

Bravo Wilson Staff !

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Hot, Humid, and Humbling….

24 hours removed from my 2nd ever RDGA Play Day Tournament and I still feel the heat.

It was a 90* day with a heat index well into the triple digits. Having played decent golf in my past 4 outings, I was looking to test myself on what proved to be an exceptionally hard course. I shot a 116 in my very first RDGA Tournament at Irondequoit CC in April and my goal was to improve on that 116 as I played the course at Mendon Golf Club.

I arrived 2 hours early and headed straight to the practice green where I enjoyed successes putting from 10ft inwards but experienced significant difficulty judging speed from outside 10ft. The greens were blazingly fast, much faster than I’ve ever experienced and it seemed that just s gentle tap would blow the ball 10-15ft past the hole. After doing what I could to get a feel for the greens I headed over to the driving range where once the nervous jitters subsided, I began to make clean crisp contact with the ball. I was energized and ready to play regardless of the fact that the weather conditions would no doubt play a factor as the heat index and sun beat down upon me like a hammer. Water, seriously rated sunscreen, and finding shade would be the order of the day.

The course was absolutely stunning….well maintained, and majestic. It was an honor to play this course without question and at times the sheer expanse and layout of the landscape but the zap on my head. The Par 4’s are LONG, the pin placements were extremely challenging, and the greens were lightening quick in a manner in which I’ve never experienced. 3 and sometimes 4 putting due to misjudgments in speed were for me the order of the day.

I fought hard, even when the heat seemed to zap every ounce of energy out of me. On the plus side, from 100 yards inwards I was able to hit greens with great regularity and accuracy. My putting from 10ft inwards was in the words of my playing partners “money” and I managed to hit every green within 15ft from the tee box on every Par 3 hole. Disappointments were a number of drives that found the woods not due to a hook or slice but due to poor aim from the tee box. My follow-up shots were erratic due to my trying to add some extra oomph to ’em in an attempt to reach or come into close proximity to the green in 2 on quite a few LONG Par 4’s.  My long putting was terrible, not from a path perspective but from a speed prospective. Blowing the ball WAY past the hole was common and chipping onto these ultra fast greens was a challenge as well. Chasing the ball from corner to corner and back again on these greens is a heartbreaker, of that I can assure you. I managed to hit 4 bunkers on the day only to have 3 of the 4 bunker shots on an uphill lie AND tucked up against the lip of the bunker. It became crystal clear early on in the day that NOTHING would come easy today and this tournament was a test of will and attitude much more than a test of golfing ability. Either I would survive the day or the events of the day would break me….it would be one or the other.

The end result….I manage to Par one hole and tie my previous RDGA Play Day Tournament at Irondequoit CC with a 116. On the plus side, I gave it my all, hit some quality shots from 100 yds inward, and the events and the conditions of the day didn’t break me. I allowed myself to feel “down” for one-half hour then I began to process the day by celebrating what I did well and recognizing what I did poorly so I can craft a plan of action to correct those deficiencies.

The next RDGA Play-Day Tournament will be September 28th at Brook Lea CC.

….and I’ll be ready !

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Another in a Long Line of Firsts…

2015 is the year of “firsts” for me when it comes to my golfing activities.

I’ve registered for my first club championships.

August 29th and 30th I am honored to be participating in the Southern Meadows Golf Club Championships. Southern Meadows is my home club/practice facility and it is always a pleasure to go play the course.

It’s hard to believe that we’re looking at the end of the month of August in a couple of weeks and the fall golf season is just about upon us here in Western NY.  With that being said, I’m looking forward to playing my first club championship tournament, especially with it being a two-day tournament.

Chalk up another “first” in a seasons long line of “firsts.”

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My Next Evolution in Irons….


The time has come to transition from my “beginner” set of irons to what has been commonly referred to as a “game improvement” iron. I strike my Wilson Profile irons well but I believe I would benefit from an iron that weighs a little bit more and has a larger “bounce” profile.

c100setI’ve acquired a new set of Wilson Staff C-100 irons from 4I to PW and they should be in my hands in approximately a week. After their arrival they’ll be fitted with new Golf Pride grips in medium size, checked for proper loft and lie angles then it’s off to the driving range for some “quality time” before I replace the Profile set of irons I currently utilize. I’m in no hurry to replace what I have and only when I feel 100% comfortable with the transition will I make the switch.

c100-504x500I didn’t expect to make this transition from my beginner irons to the next level in iron technology (game improvement irons) but when opportunity presents itself and it’s “recommended” that I make the transition, one has to heed the advice of ones coach.

Onward and upward…thanks to Wilson Staff.

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